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The servers reject over 90% of all email attempts. See Our Filtering Methods section to learn more specifics on how we filter.

There are a few methods which have not been implemented due to the high number of legitimate emails they would block. One such method is word based content filtering.

There are programs available on the Internet to work with your mail client that allow you to filter based on content. Most mail clients also have the ability to filter based on simple words that you do not want to see. There are also alternative email clients available for free on the Internet such as Thunderbird which have built in spam filtering.

Many client side content filters have the ability to use your Address Book to determine which senders to never filter emails from. This reduces the number of legitimate emails they mistakenly mark as spam. While it is possible to configure many client filters to delete spam immediately, most also have the ability to sort the spam to a special folder for a number of days so that you can check for legitimate emails it may have marked wrong.

One key aspect of most current words based filters is the ability to learn using statistical analysis. This means that the filters will need your input, usually a button which marks an email as "spam" or "not spam". Over a period of time (usually 2-4 weeks), the filters should be up to 97% accuracy or higher.

Customers may also send us copies of the spam they receive. We use these reports to improve our filtering efficiency and it is completely voluntary. For more information, please see our Spam Reports section.