This is for Dial-up Internet only. If you use DSL and setup this proxy it will degrade performance.

This page is to help you setup the BrightNet Net-Accelerator on your computer.
First off we must identify what browser you are using to access the internet.
If you already know your browser and what version you are running you can skip to the listing below.
Otherwise, click on the "Help" menu at the top of your browser (the program you are in right now), and
choose the "About..." option there. This will tell you the name of your browser and what version it is.

Acceleration works by degrading images and compressing certain types of files. This process reduces the amount of data you have to transmit over your dialup connection. It is designed to speed up normal web browsing. It will not decrease the time it takes to download email, ftp, or transfer files on peer to peer networks.

Web Broswer Selection
Internet Explorer 4 Netscape 4
Internet Explorer 5 Netscape 6
Internet Explorer 6 and 7 Mozilla Firefox
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