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General Questions

What is a virtual domain?
Why do I need a virtual domain name?
Who is InterNIC?
What will my email address look like?
How do I get started?

  • Place your company's information in front of your prospective clients immediately
  • High speed access to your web pages. This is due to our high speed backbone connection.
  • Easy recognition of your company on the Internet by having your own domain name
  • Ability to track how many people looking at your page
  • Free use of CGI bin counter and mail form
  • POP3 mail and forwarding services allow the collection of multiple e-mail addresses into one dial-up account (saves time and money)
  • And many more ...
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The Package
  • Virtual server configuration
  • Domain name research and registration assistance
  • 5 mb of web page storage
  • Five virtual e-mail aliases at your domain name
  • E-mail forwarding to any e-mail address
  • Unlimited web page updates via private FTP account
  • Free use of CGI bin counter and mail form
  • Unlimited technical support via e-mail
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  • $10.00 per month for Virtural hosting (Includes unlimited aliases for domain)
  • One time set up fee of $50.00 for new Domains.
  • Commercial Web site has an additional $25 per month charge (includes web admin account)
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Extra Options
  • Additional e-mail (POP3) accounts - $2.50/mo.
  • Additional web page storage ($1.00 per 1mg)
  • Additional charge for setup of personal cgi scripts (charge to be estimated)
  • Web usage statistics with access to raw log files (Additional fee)
  • Optional secure transactions server for additional charge.
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What is a virtual domain?

A virtual domain name (or virtual hosting) makes it possible for your company to have their own URL (web address) even though your files may reside on another company's machine. Users who access your site will not know if you have your own set of server equipment (often $20,000 worth of hardware) or if you are hosting on a machine belonging to another company. In other words, a company without virtual hosting would have an Internet address like this:

while a company with virtual hosting would have an address like this:

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Why do I need a virtual domain name?

A virtual domain name is important because it allows users to access your site via an address that is easy to remember. A virtual domain name can be customed tuned to fit your company's name so users could even guess the address of your site without ever talking to a staff member. For example, Apple Computer has a name that is very easy to remember (it's www.apple.com). Virtual domain names are not only easier to remember but provide your company with a more formal web presence.

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Who is InterNIC?

InterNIC is the group responsible for registering domain names for the entire world. When your company is registered through InterNIC your domain name is reserved for 2 years. That means that no other company may use your domain name--think of InterNIC as a copyright or trademark registry.

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What will my email address look like?

Each plan provides a POP3 mailbox and mail forwarding options. The POP mailboxes allow you to access mail via a program like Eudora. However, most mail programs allow you to change your "respond to" information, giving the impression that you have your own real email address as opposed to a POP one. For instance, your real email address may read:

But with the "respond to" option correctly configured your email address would read:

Remember, these address must be valid addresses setup on our server. You get up to five of these virtual addresses free, and any of these addresses can be redirected to any other valid Internet address!! An example of popular requests is as follows:
webmaster@yourcompany.com redirected to your webmaster@where_ever.com
staff@yourcompany.com redirected to you@brightok.net and so on.

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How do I get started?

Call Us @ 1 800 511-0122

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