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Feb. 24 2005

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Internet Searching Tips and Tricks

When searching on the Internet, it has become increasingly difficult to find meaningful information that you set out to find. There is nothing worse than looking for an item and offered up to 12000 plus references to pages or sites. Then when you go to these sites, you find nothing listed that is relevant to your search. This is very frustrating at the best of times, not to mention a waste of online time.

Here's a couple of tips:

Analyze what you are looking for in the following ways, Select the Search Engine you want to use i.e. google, yahoo, etc., select the help on searching and read carefully (this will give you pointers on how pages are indexed and how to be able to get a more accurate search). This will save you lots of time later. In the event the Search Engine is hard to understand or use, try another Search Engine. There are many to choose from. Choose your search words carefully. (example: when looking for a laser demonstration, you could improve on the word laser by using the following, " laser light show ", otherwise you might come up with a zillion laser related sites from "eye surgery to laser toner cartridges ", and never find what you looking for until you get to the actual page. Try to be regional specific in your search, that saves time in travelling to pages all over the Internet, then finding it is too far away to be able to provide the service you require. (Example: looking for laser light show, then type in the Country or State or City at the end or beginning). BrightNet also has a list of frequently used Search Engines you might find helpful. Click on your favorite search engine on the right side of the BrightNet Chickasaw home page.

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