BrightNet Central Server Core -- OKC

BrightNet Oklahoma, one of the Chickasaw Telephone family of companies, providing exceptional Internet and broadband connectivity. BrightNet has completed the installation of its new Server Core in downtown Oklahoma City.

From this central site, high-speed lines branch out across Oklahoma and neighboring states, providing the Internet Connectivity thousands of subscribers rely on every day for their Internet access. The Core's hardware collection includes Cisco 7200-series routers, Cisco AS-5300 and AS-5200 Access Servers for dial-up modem and ISDN service, Catalyst 5000-series switches, Sun Ultra 5, Ultra 10, Enterprise 250, and Enterprise 450 servers, mission-specific equipment from a number of vendors, and proprietary systems designed by BrightNet Oklahoma Research and Development.

Every system's keyboard, display, or administrative console port in the Central Server Core is accessible via remote control. In addition to on-line emergency battery backup and generator power, each individual electrical outlet (and right now, there are over 48 of them) can be switched off and back on by off-site remote control, allowing even the most stubborn problem to be repaired remotely (when all else fails, switch the power off and on again) -- for the fastest possible response to any problems that develop, even when engineers aren't on site.

So what's all this look like? That's what you're seeing, above, if you're running Internet Explorer 5.0. We installed two 24x7 live webcams in the new server core... so we can keep an eye on it, and give you a view as well. Note that you will need to "reload" this page -- the webcams are providing live, one minute shots.